How Chat RoboTex Started and Why We Continue

Chat Robotex began in 2007. The Founding members were Lucas Thomas, Tim Duitsman, Ben Carlton, John Turner, and Alex Wilkins. Leslie Thomas was the first person to hear about the BEST robotics program. In 2007 they won the BEST rookie of the year. Over the years we have won over 28 awards, including those received this year. BEST Robotics is a student led, hands-on program.

The founders started because they had free time and robots sounded fun to do. Additionally, as homeschoolers, it can be counted as a subject in school that introduced STEM.

The Robotics program can help students by giving them something fun and educational to do. It will continue to teach BEST-Boosting Engineering Science Technology. It is fun and different to build a robot from scratch. It is an 8-week course from rally to hub competition.

Parents enjoy the BEST program because it’s educational and hands on.  Their kids may acquire a passion that can lead to a future marketable skill. It’s also a great way to make friends.

Post by Levi Lasco

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