Game Day Excitement by Levi Lasco

When I woke up on game day it was the beginning of a day of anticipation. Our game was scheduled for 4:00 pm. That morning my first thought was that today is game day, and that thought made me both excited and nervous.

After everyone arrived at our competition place, our team captain, John Thomas, opened with prayer, then we started to practice until lunch. After lunch we played games while the batteries charged and we waited for our turn to compete. Finally, the time for us to compete had arrived. We gathered together, made sure all virtual connections worked, and then the wait was over.

We live streamed our rounds on FaceBook to include as many friends as possible due to covid restrictions. Ellie Lasco and Elizabeth Koerner manned the FaceBook page.

When my turn came up, I had both the best and worst scores, with a 955 and 650. My spotters were Josiah Lee, and Josiah Lanty. I also spotted for Sam Francis. Between spotting and driving I prefer driving. Spotting is a very important role because the driver cannot do their part well without the spotter doing theirs. It truly is a team effort to do great.

We competed on Saturday but had to wait until the following Thursday night for the winners to be announced. When they announced the winners, our team erupted in cheers. It was really exciting to know that we won 1st place game. Which means that our scores were the best in the non-UIL school category. It took until February for the trophy to be received.

Competition in 2020 was different from 2019 because in 2019 it was loud and busy with spectators cheering. In 2020 it was calm and quiet. I missed the energy of 2019. In 2019 we got our trophy immediately but in 2020 it took a long time. By January I started to think we weren’t going to get a trophy. It was difficult to have hope that we would get a trophy but then we did and that made me happy.

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