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Welcome to Robotex.

We are Robotex solving real world problems with a small foot print and a lasting impact.

Latest from us.

How Chat RoboTex Started and Why We Continue

Chat Robotex began in 2007. The Founding members were Lucas Thomas, Tim Duitsman, Ben Carlton, John Turner, and Alex Wilkins. Leslie Thomas was the first person to hear about the BEST robotics program. In 2007 they won the BEST rookie of the year. Over the years we have won over 28 awards, including those received…

We won three awards

The picture on the left has these two awards 3rd place most Elegant robot Participation award The picture on the right has this one award 1st place game (it means we got 1st place by how many points we scored) To see most of the game that won us these awards watch this.

Game Day Excitement by Levi Lasco

When I woke up on game day it was the beginning of a day of anticipation. Our game was scheduled for 4:00 pm. That morning my first thought was that today is game day, and that thought made me both excited and nervous. After everyone arrived at our competition place, our team captain, John Thomas,…